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Top Management

Align your workforce with your business strategy to increase your company's performance. With HRToolbench, you can optimize the performance of your most valuable asset, your employees - and we'll support you through the whole process with an innovative strategic talent management solution and advisory services.
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HR Professionals

With HRToolbench you can contribute to company performance by managing talent strategically. Become the bridge that links your company's talent with business strategy execution.
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Comply with New FLSA Overtime Rules using HRToolbench
The existing FLSA compliance tools already built into the HRToolbench Job Description module are being updated in accordance new DOL Overtime rules. Salary limits used to determine overtime eligibility are coming soon and will require HR professionals to revise the exemption status of certain jobs to comply with new Overtime rules. Call to learn more.

See how HRToolbench can help you streamline HR operations
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Client Testimonials

 The quality of client technical and consulting support we regularly receive from HR Technology Solutions is outstanding. 
 ...we were wowed by the strategic potential of HRToolbench. 
 HRToolbench makes it very easy for us to implement our HR strategy.