HR Toolbench

360 Feedback

Fast, Easy and Accurate Multi-Provider Feedback on Employee Performance and Competencies

Perspectives gathered from others who regularly interact with an employee are used to enhance the employee’s coaching and performance evaluation process. Supervisors and HR business partners can request feedback concerning an employee's performance and competency levels from providers at any level within the organization at any time. Feedback templates are provided to streamline the feedback request process. Competencies are automatically pulled from an employee’s job description to customize the feedback form. Regular feedback encourages ongoing dialogue between supervisors and employees on performance, development opportunities and career goals.  This promotes employee engagement and avoids surprises during performance reviews.

Customizable Feedback Forms
Supervisors and HR business partners can easily set up and email feedback requests to multiple providers using various feedback templates and pre-written feedback questions related to observable work activities. Downward, upward and lateral feedback templates and questions can be used as is, edited, or created from scratch.  Feedback scope criteria can be defined for each feedback form, such as for specific projects and applicable dates. Job competencies from an employee's job description can be included on the feedback form. HRToolbench sends automatic email requests and reminders to each feedback provider.

Online Responses and Immediate Access to Feedback
It takes just a few minutes to enter responses into the online feedback form, and feedback responses are immediately available for viewing.  Feedback responses are instantly compiled and the average response rating is calculated for each feedback question based on the responses of multiple feedback providers.

Response Monitoring and Tracking

Supervisors and HR business partners can monitor the submission status of feedback responses in real time. The average response time of each feedback provider is calculated and results are displayed in a submission timeliness report.  Automatic tracking of feedback responses encourages timely responses and reduces follow-up time.