HR Toolbench

Candidate Selection

Competency-Based Interviews and Candidate Ranking Tools

Organizations need to measure job candidates in a consistent manner and make defensible, informed hiring decisions. HRToolbench Candidate Selection provides behavioral interview questions and customizable interviewer worksheets for use by line managers and HR recruiters. Interview questions are automatically derived from the General and Function-Specific competencies contained in the job description for which the candidate is applying. Interviewers are assigned specific job competency questions. Candidates are then rated against a consistently-applied set of job targeted competencies levels.

Job Requisitions and Hiring Authorization
HR business partners can create job requisitions on demand.  Job requisitions are forwarded electronically to an authorized internal approver.  Approval information is maintained for historical reference.

Candidate Information
A candidate's skill sets and personal interests may be appropriate for multiple job openings.  HR administrators link external and internal candidates to one or more open job requisitions, fitting the right candidate with the right open job(s).

Interview Team and Interview Worksheets
HR business partners set up the interview team for a job requisition and configure a custom interview worksheet for each interviewer that displays appropriate competency-based questions. A candidate's interview progress can be monitored by checking which interviewers have entered the candidate's ratings.

Competency Assessment, Candidate Ranking and Comparison
Interviewers quantify each candidate's job-related competency proficiency levels. The candidate's qualifications are automatically compared to the job's required competency proficiency levels. Based on the ratings of multiple interviewers, the candidate's readiness to meet full job competency requirements is calculated. Candidates are then ranked using the consistently applied set of job-related competency ratings. This candidate ranking approach is objective, defensible and facilitates effective hiring decisions.