HR Toolbench

Company Overview

HRToolbench's mission is to help companies achieve their business goals by aligning employees with business strategy. HRToolbench ensures that employees are focused on the right performance priorities, possess the right skills and competencies to execute their responsibilities, are engaged and committed to achieving business goals, and are motivated by the right pay and rewards.

Talent is Key

We know that talent is a key differentiator between your company and its competitors. At HRToolbench, we help clients embrace talent management as an essential tool to achieve excellence by focusing and motivating employees, reducing administrative costs, and increasing company performance. With our fully integrated software suite and extensive HR consulting services, HRToolbench offers a unique talent management solution and a business partner who is fully committed to help your company gain a competitive advantage through talent management.

By combining contemporary web-based solutions with extensive HR consulting experience, HRToolbench provides a complete talent management solution that delivers bottom-line results.

HRToolbench will help your company reach the next level of performance.

Client Testimonials

At Ridout, Barrett & Co , we did not partner with HRToolbench because we were in the market for new HR software, rather, we were wowed by the strategic potential in what it has to offer. HRToolbench provides a system that seamlessly connects all the HR management processes we need - from storing notes on employees to setting up performance goals to tracking our data against them. HRToolbench also provides a central platform that managers and employees can engage and interact with.

HRToolbench consultants are available at a moment's notice. They return my calls right away, and always listen first to make sure they understand our needs and are able to quickly provide a solution. That's why we plan to continue with HRToolbench and even expand our use of their modules by adding the candidate screening feature later this year.
Kathleen Dvorak
Ridout, Barrett & Co