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We share a commitment to your success using HRToolbench. Other talent management vendors configure your system and leave future success to your internal HR professionals, but not with HRToolbench. Our approach is to partner with you providing a unique combination of talent management technology tools and supporting HR consulting and advisory services that assure your company derives maximum benefit from HRToolbench.

With HRToolbench you have a business partner who brings innovative and strategic thinking, creative problem-solving, and in-depth subject matter knowledge to meet your needs. Whether it's developing custom competencies, drafting employee communications, training managers, researching competitive salaries, analyzing workforce data, and more – HRToolbench senior experts are available to work with you.

We strive to understand your company's culture, existing HR processes, and strategic talent management objectives. We do our best to provide you a solution that delivers your total vision of solution. We can help you:

  • Rethink and rationalize your talent management processes and tools
  • Develop custom content to personalize HRToolbench for your company
  • Analyze workforce metrics generated by HRToolbench
  • Advise on talent management best practices and strategies
  • Align employees with your company's business strategy
  • Measure and monitor employee engagement levels that impact company performance
  • Increase company performance through coordinated talent management
  • Strengthen the workforce to help your business where it counts; on its bottom line

Client Testimonials

While still new users, we have experienced an amazingly smooth transition from a very manual system to HRToolbench. The staff behind the product was very helpful and available. Our management team quickly become familiar with the product and embraced its ease of use and straightforward format. There is much more to learn and use and we're all very excited that we have this suite of modules to guide and support our communications and employee growth.
Noemi Bahler
Human Resources Manager
West Coast Industrial Systems

Personal Consultation