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Interesting Facts About Human Resources

One time bonuses are being used more frequently to supplant pay raises. According to a 2015 survey of 1,064 organizations conducted by Aon Hewitt, 91% of respondents use at least one broad-based reward program, up from 78% in 2005 and 47% in 1991.
Employees promoted into new jobs perform significantly better and have lower rates of voluntary and involuntary termination during the first two years compared to employees hired from the outside.
Companies with higher levels of engaged employees outperform their industry peers. Gallup research finds that top performing companies enjoy a ratio of "engaged-to-disengaged" employees of 8:1, while in poor performing companies the ratio is only 2:1.
A Robert Half study of 12,000 workers entitled, "It's Time We All Work Happy: The Secrets of the Happiest Companies and Employees," indicates that having a sense of pride in an organization is the No. 1 driver of overall workforce happiness; followed by No. 2 feeling appreciated, and No. 3 being treated with fairness and respect.
Companies with successful talent management programs earn up to 30% more per employee.
After implementing analytical HR reporting, companies can experience an average increase of 11% in annual profits
82% of companies without talent management programs experience employee retention problems.