HR Toolbench

About the Founder

Robert Levy

I am a career HR professional with over 40 years of experience as an in-house HR manager, corporate employment attorney, consultant, and designer of talent management software. I started my career in the early 1970s as an HR trainee in New England's largest commercial bank. I embraced the HR profession and derived a great sense of personal accomplishment contributing to employees' lives at work.

Later, I became the Manager of Compensation & Benefits at Fleet National Bank. During these years, I recognized that the field of human resources management was becoming increasingly legal in nature, and future human resources professionals would be well served by a legal education. I entered the evening division at Suffolk University Law School in Boston to study law, while continuing to work days.

Following graduation and admission to the Rhode Island Bar, I transferred from Fleet Bank's HR Department to the Legal Department where I practiced general corporate law and specialized in employment matters. This experience gave me a broader perspective on business issues and employee management, and I became skilled at advising and assisting line managers resolve myriad problem-employee situations.

Although I enjoyed the practice of law, I was eager to return to human resources in a role that would allow me to be more fully immersed in HR and to apply my legal and advisory skills. I joined the consulting firm of William M. Mercer as a Principal Consultant. I worked with a team of colleagues throughout the U.S. helping to build Mercer's Compensation and Performance Management consulting practice, and gained invaluable experience in the process.

Following some time with the Hay Group as a Senior Consultant, I opened my own human resources consulting firm, Levy & Associates, Inc. My practice served national and international clients, and focused on compensation, performance management, organization effectiveness, compliance, competencies, employee communications, training, employee surveys, and strategic HR planning. I provided consulting services to clients in diverse industries, large and small. I've managed hundreds of consulting engagements over the years that challenged me to develop innovative solutions, practical processes and voluminous content.

With the rising popularity of the Internet, I seized on the opportunity to transfer my decades of consulting experience into an innovative software solution that enables HR departments and business owners to tap into the best practices I have developed over the years in an easy to implement, cost effective module-based format. And thus HR Technology Solutions was born. For the past 5 years I have worked tirelessly to design, develop and update the modules and am proud to say that there is nothing else in the industry quite like what has been developed.

I personally enjoy sharing my knowledge and experience with business leaders and HR professionals. My sincere desire is to help HR professionals contribute great things to their organizations and to enhance the stature of the HR field. All of the knowledge, practical experiences, and content I've gained over the years are bundled into HRToolbench to provide HR professionals the tools they need to help drive business results in their organizations.

My mission is to enable HR professionals to align employees with business strategy, and to build and sustain a productive, respected, and fulfilled workforce. If you share my vision and want to discuss how strategic talent management can make a difference in your company's performance, we should talk.