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        Tri-Gas Incubator

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        CO2 Incubator

        Capacity:40 L,Range :Ambient+5~60 ℃

        Model: WCI-40T

        Order NO.: W6021040


        Specific parameters will be adjusted according to product upgrades, without notice.

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        1.Excellent Uniformity of Temperature, CO2, O2(optional) 
        2.6 Sides Direct Heat for Temperature Uniformity and Fast Recovery 
        3.IR CO? Sensor detects precise density of CO?
        4.Outer Heated Door ensures no condensation on glass door. 
        5.Max. 140℃(120 ~ 140℃) Decontamination by hot air sterilization (optional) 
        6.Convenient Decontamination Process (Easy Preparation, Automatic Program) 
        7.Microprocessor PID control for Temperature, CO?, O2 
        8.Natural Humidification System by water tray and circulation fan. 
        9.Special Air Jacket allows effective heat preservation between insulation and chamber.



        Model WCI-40T
        Temperature Range Ambient +5℃ to 60℃ at 37℃
        Accuracy ±0.1℃ at 37℃
        Controller Microprocessor Digital PID
        Humidity 70% ~ 80% at 37℃
        CO2 Range 0% to 20%
        Accuracy ±0.1% at 5% at 37℃
        Increment 0.10%
        Sensor IR CO2 Sensor
        Outer door Silicon Packing Magnet Door
        Inner door Tempered Safety Glass Door
        Control panel LED Display
        Jacket type Dry wall type (6 sides direct heating)
        Chamber material Stainless steel (SUS 304)
        Weight 38KG
        Capacity 40Liter
        Chamber dimension 320x350x375(mm)
        Overall dimension 420x460x570(mm)
        Inlet pressure range 0.5-0.6(bar)
        Power 230V, 50/60Hz
        O2 Oxygen Range 0.6%~85%
        Order No. Standard W6021040
        Sterilization W6022040
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