HR Toolbench

Job Description

Comprehensive, Consistent, and Competency-Rich Job Success Profiles that Drive Talent Management

An effective talent management system begins with comprehensive, up to date job descriptions. HRToolbench transforms the traditional job description into a “Job Success Profile”, and is the only talent management system that uses the Job Success Profile as its cornerstone document.

High performing organizations define the work responsibilities required to achieve business objectives as well as the skills and competencies employees must have to succeed on their jobs. Selection, coaching, development, performance evaluation and workforce planning all depend on clearly defined responsibilities, performance expectations, skills and competencies for each job.

Job Success Profiles can be prepared and updated quickly and easily. HR professionals, employees, supervisors and managers can create and maintain consistent, competency-rich profiles using built-in benchmark Job Success Profile templates, content pick lists and extensive competency libraries. Job Success Profile information, in turn, is automatically distributed throughout HRToolbench to support multiple talent management processes and to save time and effort.

Innovative Data Sharing
Information collected on each employee's job description is automatically distributed throughout the HRToolbench system. This eliminates redundant manual data entry, assures data consistency across multiple talent management processes, effectively automates burdensome administrative tasks, and most importantly, saves significant time.

Templates and Pick Lists
200+ fully complete benchmark job description templates are provided, including extensive content pick lists and competency libraries. The user-friendly interface enables HR administrators to rapidly create comprehensive internal functional job descriptions. Custom descriptions can be created by accessing point-and-click content. Every employee is then aligned with an appropriate functional job description that the employee, supervisor and manager can collaboratively edit to create the employee's own personalized, detailed job description.

Competency Libraries and Behavioral Anchors
Built-in comprehensive libraries of proprietary General and Function-Specific competencies enable authorized users to assign specific competencies to a job. General competencies reflect the core behaviors or skills that are required of all employees for organization success. Function-specific competencies reflect the job-specific behaviors and technical skills required for individual job success.

FLSA and ADA Compliance
Content and tools are provided to help comply with the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) and the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). An FLSA tool helps determine a job's exemption status and stores the FLSA exemption records for audit reporting purposes.

Automatic Approval Queuing and Viewable Audit Trail
To facilitate the job description approval process, each employee's draft job description is automatically queued to the appropriate supervisor, manager and HR business partner in the employee's organization approval chain. The approval status of any employee's job description can also be monitored in real time. A complete job description history is stored for every employee and prior job descriptions can be retrieved on demand.