HR Toolbench

Performance Management

Job Responsibilities, Goals, Competencies Assessment

and Development Activities

Performance planning, coaching and evaluation are most effective when done collaboratively between supervisor and employee. HRToolbench enables supervisors to create a customized performance planning and evaluation form by linking to content maintained in the employee’s job description.  Goal-setting is a joint exercise that aligns the employee’s performance goals with the goals of the work unit and the overall organization. Both the supervisor and the employee have 24/7 access to the performance form for purposes of setting up goals, and entering progress notes, ratings and performance summaries.  Employees gain a clear understanding of their performance expectations. Potential performance issues and competency development needs can be identified, discussed and addressed quickly.

Performance Planning and Evaluation Form
Every employee’s performance planning and evaluation form includes essential job responsibilities, and General and Function-Specific competencies and associated target proficiency levels taken directly from the employee’s job description. This approach establishes a direct link between the employee’s job description and performance evaluation criteria. Performance goals and metrics can be aligned with the organization's strategic business priorities.

Suggested, Customizable Manager Comments
Pre-written, generic text of suggested manager comments for each General and Function-Specific competency are provided to assist supervisors in drafting comments related to observations of an employee’s job competencies levels.  Suggested comments reflect three possible performance levels—“Does Not Meet,” “Meets” and “Exceeds.”  Suggested comments are viewable for each competency and the one best fitting the employee's actual performance can be copied into the employee’s performance form and edited further by the supervisor to customize the comment to the employee’s personal situation.

Events Scheduling and Email Reminders
An events scheduling tool is provided to enable a supervisor to set up and schedule specific events during an employee’s performance review period. A template of customizable events is provided, or a supervisor may set up events manually.  Email reminders regarding approaching, due and past due events are automatically sent to the supervisor, and to the employee if desired.

Employee and Strategic Workforce Competency Analytics

Workforce analytics provide strategic insight into employee competency and performance levels.  Employees’ competency level ratings are used to identify workforce talent gaps and training needs.  Comprehensive reports quantify the competency levels of an individual employee, an organization unit and the entire enterprise.  Supervisors and HR business partners can monitor workforce competency level gains after training to determine the ROI on training budget expenditures.