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        High-effective stirring bar

        Extremely strong, abrasion-free and wear-free magnetic double stirring bar

        Model:SATELLITE 70 / 140

        Order NO.:44700


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        New developed, high-effective stirring bar, ideal for large mixing volumes, viscous media, stirring over wide distances or for disadvantageous vessel bottoms, recommended for magnetic stirrers MIXdrive 1 XL or MIX 1 XL.

        Extremely strong, abrasion-free and wear-free magnetic double stirring bar, bearing on a tripod-construction, especially for the use in stainless steel vessels and in the case of media containing abrasive particles, e.g. sand or sediments.

        No direct contact between stirring bar and reaction vessel, therefore steady firm, wear-free, stirring bar sealed with PTFE, tripod construction made of ZEDEX, chemical resistance comparable to PTFE, FDA-certification, wearing parts can be re-ordered separately.


        Type SATELLITE 70 SATELLITE 140
        Shape round, tripod
        (Cover ) Material PTFE ZEDEX
        Dimensions Ø x L Ø 13 x 70 mm Ø 32 x 140 mm
        Dimensions Ø tripod construction Ø 99 mm Ø 227 mm
        Weight    approx. 0.1 kg approx. 0.4 kg
        Order no: 44700 44900


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