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HRToolbench® talent management system is designed to make your workforce more productive and profitable.

High-performing organizations embrace talent management as an essential tool to achieve excellence.  Managing employees strategically is a complex challenge, but the rewards propel organizations to higher levels of productivity, profitability and employee commitment. 

HRToolbench is a full cycle, unified suite of talent management software tools that simplifies the challenge of talent management.  HRToolbench enables organizations to save significant time and cost, and make employees more productive and profitable. Workforce analytics provide strategic insight into employee capabilities and performance levels.  Workforce talent levels are quantified to help plan employee development, recruiting needs and employee engagement strategies.

HRToolbench saves time and cost managing employees, increases organization performance, and quickly pays for itself.

Job Description
Comprehensive, Consistent, Multi-Purpose Job Descriptions
Job Descriptions are the cornerstone of HRToolbench.  This convenient online tool facilitates employee and supervisor collaboration to efficiently create and maintain up-to-date, comprehensive, consistent and data-rich job descriptions, including job-specific competencies.  A companion application enables you to quickly determine and record the exemption status of jobs in compliance with the Fair Labor Standards Act.  Most importantly, job description information is automatically distributed throughout the HRToolbench system. Click module to learn more

Candidate Selection
Interview Guidance & Candidate Ranking Tools
To help guide line managers and HR recruiters in conducting effective job interviews, HRToolbench generates an interviewer's worksheet with suggested behavioral questions to ask candidates during job interviews.  Interview questions are derived from the General and Function-Specific competencies contained on the job description for which a candidate is applying.  Each candidate's job readiness is quantified based on competency ratings submitted from multiple interviewers.   Click module to learn more

360 Feedback
Fast, Easy and Accurate Multi-Provider Employee Feedback
Supervisors and HR business partners can select feedback providers at any level, at any time, and request feedback on an employee's performance and demonstrated competencies. Feedback question templates streamline the feedback request and submission process.  Additionally, competencies from the employee's job description are displayed to customize the feedback form.  Feedback responses are automatically compiled and reports are viewable on demand.   Click module to learn more

Performance Management
Goal-setting, Competencies, Development and Evaluation
Supervisors define and implement employee performance goals and development objectives, as well as assess competencies, and evaluate performance based on job responsibilities automatically displayed from the employee's job description. Supervisors record goals, note progress toward goals, assess competency levels, and enter performance ratings and performance summaries.  Employees can self-assess by recording their own performance ratings and competency levels. The alignment of job description information and performance measurement criteria provides a consistent and coordinated focus for the employee. The collaborative performance planning, coaching and evaluation process also helps to engage employees and motivate achievement and competency development.   Click module to learn more

External Market Pricing, Internal Job Evaluation, Salary Grade
Structures, Pay Equity Analysis and Merit Budget Planning

HRToolbench provides the tools needed to ensure that employees are paid equitably and competitively at affordable levels.  Establish and update salary grades and ranges that attract, retain and motivate top talent, while assuring overall salary expenditures are affordable.  Various compensation administration tools and techniques are provided to enable HR professionals to gather and analyze salary survey data, internally value jobs, maintain internal salary grade structures, analyze individual employee pay equity, assign jobs to grades in a defensible manner, and manage the merit review process.   Click module to learn more

Succession & Career Path Planning
The Right Person in the Right Job
Gain insight into the organization's talent pipeline for different job tracks and quantify the readiness of employees to fill jobs now and in the future.  Relevant information from throughout HRToolbench is automatically made available in the Succession Planning process, including the employee's historical performance ratings, job competency levels and multi-provider feedback.  Confidential supervisor perceptions of each employee are also gathered to support analysis of the talent pipeline.  Employees can independently explore possible career paths of interest, assess their personal competencies against future jobs of interest and identify development requirements. The Succession Planning process is designed to support strategic workforce planning and to engage employees, thereby increasing employee retention and reducing turnover cost.   Click module to learn more