HR Toolbench

Succession Planning

Job Tracks, Workforce Readiness, and Employee Career Path Planning

HR business partners can strategically fashion workforce development and staffing plans, and balance employees’ personal career aspirations with the organization's talent requirements.  Workforce competency levels in each job tracks are quantified by HRToolbench to analyze the readiness of current employees to fill specific jobs in the future.

Employees can explore internal jobs of interest to identify potential career paths.  Employees can confidentially assess their personal competencies against future job competency requirements to identify personal development needs for career advancement.

Job Tracks and Job Progression Ladders
HR business partners create customized job tracks and job progression ladders for different functions and job families.  HRToolbench automatically assigns employees to job tracks based on their current job. Employees can be assigned to additional job tracks based on their expressed aspirations with approval of HR business partners.

Employee Information
Employees collaborate in the succession and career path planning process by entering and maintaining personal information related to their formal education, fields of study, work experience, licenses and professional certifications, language fluency and relocation preferences. The information is used to identify employees as potential candidates for jobs across the organization.

Employee Career Path Planning
Employees can research alternate job tracks in different functions and self assess their personal competencies against those required for future jobs of interest. Employees can formally express personal career aspirations to move into alternate tracks. If the employee's career aspirations can be balanced with the organization's needs, HR business partners assign a mentor to the employee in the alternate career track.

Employee Readiness Profile
An “Employee Readiness Profile” is maintained for each employee. Supervisors enter and maintain confidential data related to each employee, such as organization compatibility, future potential, replacement difficulty and risk of voluntary termination. Their input is augmented by employee information pulled automatically from throughout HRToolbench, such as the employee's job competency levels, historical performance evaluation ratings and 360 feedback ratings.  All of the information is compiled and displayed on the personal Employee Readiness Profile, including the supervisor’s estimate of time required for the employee to be ready to fill specific jobs in the employee's job track.

Succession Planning Report

HR business partners and executive leadership can access a Succession Planning Report for each job track that displays all or selected employee data elements for a specific job or all jobs in the job track.  Employees currently in the job track are ranked in terms of readiness for promotion for each job up the ladder.  Talent gaps can be quickly identified to plan workforce development and recruitment strategies that address talent vulnerabilities in critical functions.