HR Toolbench

Talent Management Technology

HRToolbench is functionally robust, yet simple and intuitive to use. It is delivered as Software-as-a-Service, which means there is no equipment to purchase, no software to license, and no application to install and maintain. HR Technology Solutions, Inc. provides all necessary servers, ancillary equipment, security, maintenance, data backup, encryption and monitoring to assure the protection and confidentiality of employee data.

HRToolbench is designed and built on the latest Microsoft ASP.NET platform and is leveraging SQL Server 2005's enterprise-class data storage and management facility. Our servers are housed in one of New England's premier data centers featuring redundant power, HVAC and fiber rings, dry fire suppression system, and upstream IP diversity to six Tier 1 Internet backbones. The data center is physically monitored around the clock. Backup servers are also at the ready at an independent site in the event of a data center disaster. All end-user interactions with HRToolbench from the initial login through to the final sign-off use 1024-bit public key encryption to ensure the integrity and security of employer and employee data. Client data are backed up nightly at a separate location.

During each client's system set up and configuration process, our technical professionals collaborate with your organization's internal IT staff, or outsourced vendor, to implement a periodic file transfer to enable the exchange of data between the client's HRIS or payroll system and HRToolbench.

We work collaboratively with each organization's internal HRToolbench system administrator to review configuration options and set up HRToolbench to meet the organization's needs and objectives.

Following implementation, we provide email and telephone support to the HRToolbench system administrator to respond to technical issues and answer questions regarding HRToolbench functionality. Problems are fixed as promptly as possible, with critical problems affecting access and core functionality given immediate priority. Questions from employees and managers are coordinated through each client's internal HRToolbench system administrator.