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Your company's success requires more than a well-conceived business strategy. It also requires flawless execution, which means employees, your company's most valuable asset, must understand their roles and performance expectations. And as your business strategy evolves, your talent needs to evolve with it. The level of coordination and flexibility required cannot be achieved with paper forms, standard data, silo HR processes, and HR focused exclusively on administrative tasks.

HRToolbench is the only web-based solution that can help align your employees with your business strategy while also making your HR professionals more efficient, strategic and critical to your company's performance. HRToolbench provides all of the talent management technology tools and HR consulting services needed to manage your workforce strategically and to gain a competitive advantage.


HRToolbench enables your company to design the ideal workforce required to execute its business strategy and to measure employees against the ideal. Quantify competency gaps impeding job success, identify employee development needs, and reward performance fairly. HRToolbench provides the tools and data needed to manage your workforce as a valuable asset; after all, employees represent 40% or more of your company's costs.

You can count on HRToolbench information to analyze your workforce enabling you to manage talent more efficiently and effectively than ever before. HRToolbench's fully integrated modules save valuable time and provide strategic intelligence that will increase your company's performance. To learn more about HRToolbench's solutions for strategic talent management, call us anytime for a personal consultation.

Client Testimonials

The quality of client technical and consulting support we regularly receive from HR Technology Solutions is outstanding. They have become a valued business partner of our firm. During initial system setup they took the time to understand our internal talent management processes and worked with us to customize content and functionality that fit our needs like a glove. They are highly experienced talent management professionals. They encourage us to make continuous improvement suggestions and have implemented many of our ideas. They are always available to fix problems.
Herbert Alexander
CPA, Chairman of the Board
Alexander, Aronson, Finning & Co, P.C.

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